Wednesday, 17 June 2020

GoPro HERO 8 Black review

What's up everyone Chris jerkin here with the extra special video today on the brand new here a black from GoPro once again they've taken things to the next level I've been very lucky to test this camera on for about the last two to three months now and you know there's a lot of things I enjoy about this camera is a few things I'm not too crazy about I'm gonna break that down this video today without further ado here are some of my favorite moments are captured on here a black in the last two-three months so what are the obvious changes on the hero a blacklist is the form factor basically cobra have removed the frame and included foldable fingers to mount the camera and they have completed.

Removed the detachable lens it's all built-in now one of the advantages of this is the lens no longer fogs up and we have just one flap now and the battery shape is exactly the same it is a new battery with new technology we'll get into more details on that later but overall it's just a cleaner more flash design and a lot more user-friendly so I think one of my favorite new features on the here at a black is the fact that we have hyper smooth super now in every mode and resolution this is being quite a game-changer for someone like me who likes to shoot in slow motion because I shoot a lot of action.

Sports so now having smooth slow-motion footage has been really nice not having to use a gimbal especially because I shoot a lot of water-based activities and as we know Kimball's not waterproof so hyper streaming 2.0 in all resolutions has been really helpful and as well as having boost to add that extra stabilization for certain situations has been really helpful I'm not the biggest fan of a boost in terms of how much it crops but for certain situations, it has worked really well I think boost is gonna be really popular for doing follow cams whether it's snowboarding skateboarding or wakeboarding it crops a little bit more but the difference on how smooth the footage is is really noticeable.

I have done a side-by-side comparison between the hyper smooth on here a 7 and hyper strip owner on here at black I didn't find it extremely noticeable in the beginning but having looked back at some of the footage you can see in this some of these wakeboarding clips that the horizon is a little bit more stable on the hero 8 footage so another great new feature in the head is the preset functionality this has really improved of user-friendliness of the camera and it now allows the user to easily change their settings I have different settings according to what I'm filming if I'm shooting POV you know maybe some slow motion or shooting at night or underwater.

I have different settings for each of those situations so now those settings as presets have made a lot easier to change between the modes as you can see here I'm able to easily change my settings while on the go I was busy wake surfing I wanted to switch it from slow motion to POV and I was able to do that with literally just two clicks of the LCD whereas on the hero 7 that would have taken a minimum of four touches on the screen as you can see with the side-by-side comparison with the hero 8 we change settings with literally two touches of the camera and if you look on the hero 7 black it takes about 4 clicks just to change to the exact same settings whereas it takes 2 clicks on the hero so once again.

GoPro has stepped up their photo capabilities again you know I think a lot of people forget that GoPro started out as a photo camera and they haven't forgotten about that we now have raw photo capabilities in all modes from time-lapse to burst I personally use time-lapse at every half a second to capture most of my photos and announced to be able to have roll photos in that mode has become super useful so nothing within shooting time-lapse at half a second your screen no longer goes blank while shooting you can actually frame your shot while is capturing the time-lapse so as you can see by the side-by-side comparison the hero 7 screens is capturing a time-lapse but the screen is blank and we can't see our framing where on the hero 8 black we can see each photo as it's being captured and continue to monitor our framing I found this super useful on a shoot recently we were swimming with whale sharks and I was trying to get some product in news shots after capturing video shots.

I was able to easily switch over the time-lapse mode and frame the photos as I was swimming next to Tegan in the whale shock the raw photo capabilities in the hearing aids have really upped the game for post-production editing on GoPro photos I personally use my Lightroom presets to edit my photos they can take your role go prefer is looking something like this so this pull this to this and here are a couple other examples of some here at 8 photos I've taken over the last two to three months and edited with my life in presets if you're interested in upping your GoPro photo editing skills you can check out my Lateran presets I'll have them linked below they work with all.

GoPros from the hero4 all the way through to the new here a black and if you want more details i have that all link below so last year we incorporate introducing hero 7 black that introduced an amazing new feature called time warp this allowed GoPro users to easily create amazing hype lapses with a GoPro and on the hero a black they've included two new features actually three new features on time up the first one being access to produce so with that we can now adjust our ISO or exposure value or white balance while shooting hyper lapses I found the super handy when I was recently shooting in New York I traveled all the way there to capture a couple hyper lapses on the new hero 8 and on one of the days.

 I found the sky a little bit overexposed for my liking I was able to access pressure on the here aids and decrease the exposure value so as you can see by the side-by-side comparison here is 7 footage the sky is a little bit more blown-up than the hero 8 but having access to protein is definitely a game-changer for pro consumers they've also introduced a feature called time warp ramp now what this does is allows users to change between a hyper-lapse and real-time video so I've used this quite a bit and as you can see in this example clip I'm skateboarding down the promenade.

 I switch to real time video film my roommate and switch back to a hyperlapse and then in the second clip I'm cycling through the forest I switch to real time video and then switch back to a high so this features been quite fun to play with and you can get pretty creative with it and finally the third new feature in terms of time warp on the here at 8 black is the auto speed function so previously you would have to have manually set the speed of your hyperlapse on the hero 7 black now you can choose Auto and it will scan it to take your footage and determine how fast or slow the hyperlapse should be which is super useful for beginners shooting time warps another nice addition to the here aids is the grid lines feature this has become super handy for framing certain shots and I found it super useful when capturing time warps as you can see here you can see the grid lines on the hero 8 and there's obviously no grid lines on the hero 7 and but it is super helpful for when you want to frame certain shots new form factor on the hero aid for this year I was a little bit concerned about some of the compatibility issues.

 I was going to potentially have with some of my favorite third-party accessories one of them being G domed genome is a company I started a few years ago with some friends of mine and basically it allows you to capture amazing split shots like you see here as well as incredible underwater footage with your GoPro but we found with the here aid is we were actually able to use it in our new Universal smartphone housing so we can just remove our iPhone or smartphone from the housing put in our hero 8 and it works pretty well to capture amazing split shots and underwater video and photo with the hero AIDS and here are some example footage that I've captured over the last couple months using the jido mobile with the hearing aids if you want to check out the dome for your either your smartphone or your GoPro I'll have that link below as well another accessory that I've really started using a lot over the last year is an accessory called a video this basically allows you to throw your GoPro and capture pretty amazing fpv style shots they like to call themselves the poor man's drone I've really enjoyed using this while cliff jumping and with the introduction obviously of hyper smooth to the slow motion modes it's just made the footage even smoother so as you can see by some of these example shots here.

It's a pretty amazing and unique shot you can capture with your GoPro and if you want to check that out I'll have that link below it doesn't fit I wouldn't say the hero 8 fits perfectly in this accessory but it fits well enough to be able to get these shots so it's about 95 percent there and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a develop a new mold for the urate so one of the things I found to be a little bit disappointed on with the new here 8 was the size of the LCD screen on the back it is exactly the same size as the hero 7 but if you're looking at it it does feel like there's more room to play with there and that they could have made the screen a little bit bigger so it gives off the impression that the LCD screen is actually smaller when in fact it is the same size but I do feel like this is something that GoPro probably could have made a little bit bigger and hopefully something.

They will on future cameras ok so that about wraps it up on my review for he raids I not a review channel as most of you know who watched my channel I and very much travel when action sports orientated but I do feel that my opinion on this product is relatively valuable as a user to literally shoot 99% of my content and no just credit to any of the tech channels out there but you know shooting in your studio or Tesla is not the most extreme thing it's not that's a pretty arrogant thing to say no I think that's pretty funny it's just the tech guys so I hope you guys have enjoyed this video that's my sort of two cents on the hero eight if you guys want to check out more.

 I'll have links below if you want to buy the products I believe it's up for pre-order this week I'll have that link below as well also if you want to check out my Lightroom presets for editing your GoPro photos that will be linked below as well and of course as I do every year I have one of these cameras to give away if you would like to win the new hero a black all you need to do is record any part of this video and post it on your Instagram story and tag myself and GoPro South Africa this is an international giveaway it's not limited to South Africa but because I am from South Africa that is the Eco Pro special handle.

I represent online so be sure to post that tag both of us follow both of us as well and we will pick a winner in the next week or so and send you the brand new here aid and what else and finally if you guys haven't seen it yet I released a video that we recorded on the hero AIDS in Europe last week we were invited on a very secret private trip and challenged it was 16 go pro athletes and ambassadors and basically we were given the challenge to travel to Innsbruck and we were all placed in random locations 800 miles away and had five days to get there and capture as many epic things as we possibly could so if you want to see some amazing stuff we captured on that road trip with the hero 8 be sure to check that as well and I think that pretty much wraps it up thanks for watching I will see you guys very soon.

Top 10 best GoPro Hero 8 Black camera in 2020

I'm being recorded on the new GoPro Hero in black. I got a chance to test it out a little bit before it's launched and it's basically better in every way than the Hero 7 black now instead of just talking about it let me show you what it can do it might not seem like the design has changed much at all and side-by-side with the hero 7 it actually looks a bit bigger but what GoPro did was finally get rid of the frame that's required to mount the camera what you'll see instead is that GoPro actually built its mounting fingers into the bottom of the camera this is great because I hate that frame and I would occasionally forget it and then I couldn't mount the camera but also it blocked the battery in micro SD card slot which is now on the side with a USB C port and the whole thing is still waterproof to 10 meters also upgraded from the hero 7 is the hyper smooth stabilization it was so good on that camera.

It basically killed the need for a gimbal but with the hero 8 hyper smooth is available at all resolutions and frame rates and it's adjustable in case you want it off or you want to add a little bit of shake for realism or add a boost for when you want no shake at all you'll also find an updated version of time warp the cameras motion time-lapse mode that can now automatically adjust speed based on the scene motion and how much lighting you have what's better is you can also now tap on the screen to drop back to real-time so you can stop and take in the scenery and then tap again to speed it back up something new for GoPro users but an option that'll be familiar to high phone users is live burst you can now with the camera capture a three-second video clip and then transfer it over to GoPros app scrub through the 90 frames that you've created and pick out the one that looks best for a single photo and while I'm here in the app.

GoPro added a lot of editing features including a horizon leveling option which is awesome for anyone who's ever mounted their camera crooked now you can just go in and level it right out now back to the camera GoPro said the question it gets the most is what are the best settings for shooting whatever activity you're shooting so now instead of having to guess there are a bunch of presets you can just dial-up you can create your own - so favorite settings are just a tap away and GoPro also added programmable shortcut buttons on the screen so you can just long-press on one of those and select something that you want to be stationed on the screen at all time to make a quick adjustment.

when you need it cutting down on menu diving one of those new shortcuts is for digital lenses which lets you slide through four different views you're able to capture with GoPro single lens and sensor you can pick from narrow linear wide and super view and see in real-time just how your subject will be framed up so good audio is important too in GoPro redesign the mic on this new cam putting it directly below the lens so when you're talking to the lens you're talking to the mic, more importantly, it really helps eliminate wind noise so if you're going head-on with this strap to a bike or an electric.

Scooter or whatever going down the mountain you're gonna get a lot less wind noise now if you want better audio than the built-in mic can deliver there's going to be a medium mod frame that you can add to the camera and that adds a built-in shotgun mic in HDMI output and a 3.5-millimeter mic jack there are also be an add-on light that fits into the frames cold shoe as well as a mod with flip up the screen to make it more of a complete vlogging solution those are the big additions but then you have a few smaller things like improved super photos and HDR photos that nearly eliminate motion blur live streaming can now be done at 1080p night lapse videos can be created in-camera and you can shoot raw for a single burst in time-lapse photos so of course.

The ultimate question is should you get it should you upgrade and the answer is maybe if you're after the best camera GoPro has ever made the most pocketable camera with the best image stabilization this is the one to get and again it's still four hundred dollars but if you're just looking for something rugged and waterproof to supplement your smartphone shooting you're probably better off getting the hero seven black it's still a really great camera and the image stabilization is also really good and you'll save some money but in the end, this is gonna be the best single-lens camera you can get from GoPro